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The Dragon Sword was used to defeat the Dark Dragon whose mind had been poisoned by Vigoor, the first Deity of Evil, in an attempt to rule over the human race and reshape the universe into that of an evil one. The Hayabusa Clan, who resides near Mt. Fuji, are tasked with carrying out their ancestors' duties of sealing away demons and fiends alike who wish to bring the world to ruin. Ryu Hayabusa is heir to the Dragon Lineage and as his journey began, little did he know what would transpire…. With Vazdah awakened, there's no telling what that blasted Archfiend will do to the world.

Ryu hayabusa fanfiction

Ryu hayabusa fanfiction

Who doesn't want a badass ninja in the RWBYverse? You are commenting using your Twitter account. Cherry Blossoms by Whitesnake reviews She has been on the run for so long, that she put up a wall to fanfixtion her emotions. The Dragon Ninja took the Blade of the Archfiend from it's sheath, walking towards the directions that hayabua to the Black Spider Clan's gravesite for their Ryu hayabusa fanfiction comrades. The person who picked up the drunk patron was quite burly.

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The Hayabusa clan standard purple ninja Brewer twins photo Ryu initially wears is the most traditional of his ninja attire. In an alternate world that relies on a miraculous spring to sustain itself. Cherry Blossom. An angered Hayabusa scoffs at this, saying that her "discoveries" have only brought about suffering for his friends and brought him to his own cursed karma as a Dragon Ninja, prompting him to do battle Ryu hayabusa fanfiction her and fanffiction the fight unknown to him, Aol sucks site fighting causing a construction site to collapse and fall into a city, where Kokoro was watching the fifth tournament announcement. What if he did? What I am promising is that I learned a good Ryu hayabusa fanfiction between the time of writing, and the commentary, and said commentary includes a good amount of spoilers. Eventually he meets Ein, who is actually the missing Hayate fanfictioj from amnesia. Hyabusa is too dangerous to stay in this territory for too long. He advises him to find Kasumi and fight her in order to get his memory fahfiction restored. But before he can go home, Kasumi appears.

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  • He first appeared in the original Ninja Gaiden but later appeared as a consistent character in the Dead or Alive series , which sparked a renewal of the Ninja Gaiden franchise as well.
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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi. Focus: Games Dead or Alive, Since: Heir Apparent by BelleDayNight reviews Ryu offers Kasumi an alternative to her constant running from her clan's assassins. She accepts refuge with him in the mountains. Ryu is pressured to find a suitable wife by his clan. His dragon bloodline must be preserved. A mission will unite the two with Hayate and Ayane.

They must put aside past grudges to save the world from an ancient threat. Things don't go as planned. A journey of discovery for Hayate about his people, himself and those closest to him. Staying up Sort of by InfinityFinality reviews Kasumi has been running, and she is about to fall apart. Will someone come to put her back together?

Or will she be forced to face Hayate's wrath alone? Gomen ni A complex personality behind a stoic exterior Is blood thicker then the ties of friendship? Will the super ninja follow his head, his heart or his friend? Runaway by Lola-Gurl reviews Ch. Kasumi is still running from the thing that kept her safe. Isogu Futae by Kurmoi reviews Kasumi is still running, still searching for things that will make her soul, her being complete.

With the unexpected arrival of a long lost guardian, will she find what makes her so special? Or will she simply find further chaos?

Bohemian Bar by BelleDayNight reviews Kasumi is on the run, but happens to find some former opponents from the tournament. Ryu finds her and doesn't plan to let her get away this time.

Terms of Service. Her clan is out to destroy her. Some romantic, some platonic.

Coupled with his talents in combat, stealth, and the mystic arts, his strength and ability against foes on missions that would be considered insanity by a normal person or shinobi's standards would be recounted in countless tales as the "Solitary Super Ninja. Especially Kasumi. There absoutely has to be more to Ryu than we know now. Kasumi stood a few feet away from him wearing a blue, yet slightly revealing shinobi garment with a wakizashi sword behind her back. Eh, screw it.

Ryu hayabusa fanfiction

Ryu hayabusa fanfiction

Ryu hayabusa fanfiction

Ryu hayabusa fanfiction

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Destined To Be – A Ninja Gaiden FanFiction – The Kunoichi

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Dead or Alive. A solitary life has taken it's toll on Ryu Hayabusa, when he gets given a task of importance it all goes very wrong. Raiting may get boosted in later chapters.

N- this short story is the result of being board in class, an over active imagination, and watching to many movies. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, or places. Tecmo dose, all I own is the creativity I put in to the story. Calling "You have been summoned before the head of the Mugen Tenshin clan leader for a matter of great importance.

The aid left the room quickly, leaving Hayabusa alone in the dark council chamber. Suddenly the torches that ran across the ivy covered walls came to life, eliminating the great hall. Silently Hayate, the 17th head of the Mugen Tenshin walked into the room.

He walked over to Hayabusa, his dark blue and white robes flowing around him with every step. She has killed three more of my men in the past two days, I have sent the best assassins I have, but no one can get close to her. I need you to find her and dispose of her.

Ryu shifted his position slightly, but his expression still remained unreadable and cold. I thought you made me promise to keep her safe and not to let her die.

She has also said that she would tell other council members that I am not being a responsible leader. If Ayane gets to Kasumi first she will torture her until she begs for death.

I rather my runaway sister be killed respectfully than have her be left to the hands of Ayane. I know you have feelings for my sister, I have know that since you first met each other.

If you do this one thing for me you will be given back your honor and you will be part of a clan again. It's your choice, die a clanless fool, or be welcomed back in to your only family. Come on Ryu, you know the right choice, trust me this is one of the hardest choices I have ever had to make. But sooner or later Kasumi will become a bigger problem that she already is, you will be doing her a favor. Then a very dark thought occurred to him, if he found Kasumi he could keep her safe and also show the runaway what it truly felt like to be hunted.

One side of him began to protest but the darker part of Ryu's conscience suppressed his doubts. Kasumi had cost him a lot, and it wouldn't hurt to take revenge.

N- I know this is a bit of a short chapter, but it will get better. It looks like the darker side of the solitary super ninja is beginning to show, And what about Hayate? Well next chapter should get in to a bit more detail and a bit more in depth. Calling 2. Hunter 3. Runaway 4. A promise kept and a new love found 5. Awakening 6. A promise 7. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Ryu hayabusa fanfiction