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The merchant navy uniform is a matter of great pride and respect for those working at sea. It takes years of hard work, discipline and dedication for a maritime professional to become worthy of wearing the prestigious merchant marine uniform. These smart uniforms are also a matter of great fascination not just for those in the industry but also for those who have no clue what maritime professionals do or the industry is all about. For some, the uniform is not just two pieces of clothes, but an experience, an achievement, and an attachment to an industry which has made them what they are today. However, one needs to work hard to earn that privilege.

However, as per ISM, the captain is considered to be the overall mqrine out of all ranks. However, Skirt gaurd U. Welcome to the new Marlow White Website! Epaulettes 3. Macleod 6 Rd At the same time, Merchant Navy cap badges were also issued in Britain. The P-Cap is same as that of the deck department. However, one needs to work hard to earn that privilege.

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United States Department of Transportation. Upon meeting all requirements and passing the final license examination, new deck officers are credentialed as third Feminine male pantie or third assistant engineers. From its establishment to January 1,the Maritime Service gave training Us merchant marine dress uniform 71, men. Maritime Service, Washington 25, D. JH February 9, at PM. Maritime Service is proud to offer these officers its benefits. Please lets us know without any hesitation if you are required any items and we will be glad to serve you. Ninety seven 97 were Jones Act eligible, and 78 were non-Jones Act eligible. Petroleum tanker ships. Many of my fellow ABs didn't even wear socks. Mates stand watch for specified periods, usually in three duty sections, with four hours on watch merrchant eight hours off. Retrieved March 6,

Aspiring cadets and seamen are always fascinated by the way a Merchant Marine Officer dress ups in his uniform, hence I would like to present a better picture of various uniforms in trend in history as well as in modern times.

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  • Both the civilian mariners and the merchant vessels are managed by a combination of the government and private sectors, and engage in commerce or transportation of goods and services in and out of the navigable waters of the United States.
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  • Uniformity of Uniforms With the wearing of the uniform, there are certain responsibilities, the principle of which is that the uniform be worn as designed with no additions or subtractions.
  • Among current uniforms in the United States Armed Forces , the Marine Corps dress uniforms have been in service the longest.

Aspiring cadets and seamen are always fascinated by the way a Merchant Marine Officer dress ups in his uniform, hence I would like to present a better picture of various uniforms in trend in history as well as in modern times. Uniforms display rank and are a source of pride for their wearers.

Many members of the Merchant Navy were never required to wear a uniform. Uniforms came into popular culture of Merchant navy when large shipping companies which carried passengers started using systems of stripes and badges.

These helped to identify crew from passengers, officers from seamen or ratings, as well as encouraging discipline, this was the birth of Merchant Navy uniforms in Britain and part of Europe. In India till date we are using the same Merchant Navy cap badges that were issued in ,In great Britain.

However the official uniform insignia issued by Admiralty,Britain, Is not in popular culture, many companies at the same time retained their badges that were in popular culture, these uniforms were always kept optional,Hence it is well understood that uniforms were exclusively made for Royal Navy Naval force and were optional for the administration of Merchant Navy in particular Nation,upon the companies and administration under which they serve.

These uniforms closely resemble to those of the Royal Navy. Prior to officers, and captains of ships in particular, had worn what they pleased. It has been recorded that one captain had worn a plain black tailcoat and a white top hat. This type of headgear may seem out of place at sea but was commonly worn until or later.

These buttons depict, how buttons were used in uniforms of a Merchant Navy Officer,these were similar to Royal Navy buttons. The raised design depicts a slightly modified naval crown before an anchor within a braided rope surround. Macleod 6 Rd The official uniform of the Merchant Navy was introduced by the Board of Trade in Companies often used to assign their own badges.

I have done a through study of Uniform trends in Merchant Navy since its inception, there are quite a few amazing facts regarding these uniforms and insignias.

This article is written for fellow Seafarers and aspiring Seafarers, to know and understand the complex system under which the merchant navy works and demonstrates its golden stripes. Different trades of Officers wear different insignia,although the basic system of stripes remains same for equivalent ranks on the vessel. In it was decided that British naval engineers would wear a purple,that colour coding transferred to the British Merchant navy engineer officers,this is sometimes also said that it is a devoted symbol for engineers in Titanic with their purple boiler suits.

This was particularly a Royal Navy thing in the past and later transfered to the British Merchant Navy, and came to India, as commonwealth Nation. This insignia is in popular,in Merchant Navy. Indian administration approves this insignia,as DG Shipping regulations state that diamond can only be used for Officers having certificate of competency COC , Unless DG Shipping permits anyone to do so.

This insignia came into force in under the British, and during second world war, this uniform is extensively used. This consists of a middle diamond with side stripes,being denser with rank. Here as given in the picture the level of picture depicts his seniority level. Traditionally radio officers have been using the insignia as wavy stripes with a diamond in between, which as per seniority can go up to two stripes for senior radio officers.

Modern day Seafarers are not as what they used to be a years back, seafaring today is not just about sailing, its about passion and pride. Merchant Navy Officers and Men are now getting trendy with time, hence Uniforms have now improved, and have attained a new level.

With increasing fashion in the look and design of the uniforms. This poster created by me will help you to see what kind of Uniforms will suit the spirit and dynamic personality of a Merchant Navy Officer.

Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing. Want to put together an authentic uniform for myself that does not mis-represent but that also accurately represents my rank, status, and any medals I may be allowed to wear.

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Capt P Madhukar. Sir I want to get some information what should I do after 12 class in merchant Navy bsc nautical or btech marine engineering. Its your call, whether you want to work with largest Engines of the world or else want to navigate the largest ships! Wish I can find out more of the respective countries and corporate insignias.

From what I sould see. I overheard her talking-most likely American. Later saw a 2 nd Purser Officer- Looked like Italian insignia. But later saw a 1st Purser Officer- looked American to me. Please keep me posted. I am fascinated with various insginia. Have a bit of a collection myself. Thank you! Please keep sharing your experiences,and would be great if you share your collections with us.

In the Philippines, we patterned our uniform from the US it could be due to our colonial past , but the only difference is that we are using the fouled anchor. Nice article, well done. Merchant Marine Officer uniform. I wear my Chief Engineer uniform proudly. Thanks very much for this. I work in a heritage team and we had a donation of a jacket and hat badge and this website has helped so much. Thanks again. Nice information, please I want. To know the official ceremonial uniform for merchant navy wedding and the colour.

Awesome page. My dad was in the British merchant navy. I have some buttons and badges and am trying to find out the value of these. Are they collectable items etc. Where do I start? Do you have an email address where I could send them. Its in regards to buttons, cap badge and sleeve insignia. Our prices are much competitive. Epaulettes 3.

Uniform Complete. Many candidates who are new to the merchant navy are not much aware about the different batches of the tags involved in the merchant navy uniforms. The uniforms are also made as such it gives great respect.

I am trying to confirm identity of a uniform said to be that of a deck officer of the merchant marine, probably Deck cadet- No colours, its all golden. Engine Cadet- Purple colour in between.

ETO cadet- Green colour in between. Medical if applicable- Red colour in between. Oilers too form the part of the ratings on the ship, and the uniform designated for ratings,will be applicable to oilers too.

In modern Merchant Marines oilers dress up in their company Boiler suites. Now the research says unless you are graduating from the Academy day then you wear the uniform your company decides on.

Until then just continue taking a dump on the USMM. What do I get for my service? A USMM job market that is in the toilet. Look up USMS uniforms on google. They have pics for Officer and Enlisted. That was what the WWII seamen wore. What the Academies wear are pretty much just for Academy dress. Except for the staff that is. Quick question would there be a reason why a Merchant captain would be wearing a Royal Navy uniform? Picture I have is from just after the Second World War.

There were certainly some designated uniforms to be worn by Merchant Navies of some countries, but by large it has not been a structured and complaint thing.

Confirmed Etch. Manchester that solid working class city, now the second city of England, the evil losers Maritime Service is carried on by Merchant Marine officers who desire most to see the personnel of the U. They denote rank vs. Navy's Dress White uniforms, but worn by officers only in a manner similar to that of the Dress White uniforms worn in the U. The white trousers are not authorized for wear with either the long-sleeved or the short-sleeved khaki shirt, precluding the "C" and "D" uniforms.

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Warrant Officers Specialty Devices Pin-on rank device worn with khaki work uniforms on right collar tip by all officers. The collar device in a wreath is worn on left collar tip. Licensed officers of the U. Merchant Marine who qualify for appointments in Maritime Service may wear Maritime Service shoulder marks and sleeve stripes appropriate to their rank and branch of service. Only in one case is there a difference in the device worn above the stripes: an engineer who holds the rank of captain uses a three-bladed propeller instead of the fouled anchor in a wreath.

United States Maritime Service Caps. Black shoes and black socks are worn with blue dress uniforms. Blue or white cap covers depending on "uniform of day" can be worn with blue dress uniform. Khaki shirts only with khaki work uniforms. Black shoes and black socks or brown shoes and brown socks are worn with khaki uniforms. Khaki cap cover with khaki uniforms.

White shoes and white socks only with white dress uniforms. Only white cap cover with white dress uniforms. Black shoes and black socks, slate gray shirt, black tie and slate gray cap cover are worn with slate gray uniform.

Uniform of the day for inactive officers of the U. Maritime Service can be obtained usually from the Port Director's office or by telephone call to the Enrolling Office. While aboard ship, this information can be obtained from the Master. As you know, shipboard dress is usually informal.

However, the above rules of dress should be strictly observed ashore. Maritime Service active and inactive in order to acquaint them with the insignia and uniform of the service. Randall Commandant. The Administration of the U. Maritime Service is carried on by Merchant Marine officers who desire most to see the personnel of the U.

Merchant Marine receive the recognition deserved by their splendid and outstanding performance of duty under hazardous and arduous conditions. The U. Maritime Service is proud to offer these officers its benefits. It asks only, in return, that its uniform and insignia be worn with pride and that the conduct and bearing of the Officers wearing it be in accordance with the accepted standard for officers.

Rank shown on your identification card is the maximum that can be worn. Regardless of your position aboard ship, while wearing U. Maritime Service insignia, it is unlawful to wear rank other than shown on your current identification card.

Attention is also called to the fact that you should not wear the insignia of a higher rank than called for by your position aboard ship, regardless of your official designation. Maritime Service is anxious to publish a book on customs and traditions of the U. Merchant Marine. With this in view, the cooperation of the officers and men of the U.

Merchant Marine is requested. It is suggested that they send into Headquarters, U. Maritime Service, Washington 25, D. As you no doubt will realize, any Service or Corps will be successful only if the members exhibit an enthusiastic interest and cooperation. The Service expects and desires these things from each member and suggestions for the improvement of the Service are enthusiastically welcomed.

The Service is administered by Merchant Marine officers and the Service is anxious to be of assistance to the personnel of the U.

The United States Maritime Service as an organization is a comparative newcomer, particularly when compared to the Army and Navy. However, the background of the profession from which the members of the Maritime Service are drawn and for which they are trained is as old, as historic, as full of the traditions of heroism and honest service to the Nation as any service and, on that score, the Merchant Marine which includes the Maritime Service needs apologize to no one.

The Maritime Service, as such, was established in and administered under the direction of the Maritime Commission. As a new project it was necessary to do a great deal of experimentation and to move slowly and cautiously. Until the onset of the war and this onset was, for the Merchant Marine, prior to Pearl Harbor the training was largely concentrated on men already in the industry. The sinking of merchant vessels and the rapid expansion of shipbuilding facilities necessitated a shift of emphasis to provide the new men and officers for the fleet.

From its establishment to January 1, , the Maritime Service gave training to 71, men. On July 11, , Executive Order No. The War Shipping Administration accepted responsibility on September 1, , and assistance was provided by the Navy in ordering to key Maritime Service positions a number of Merchant Marine officers on active duty with the Navy.

Without much publicity except by word of mouth among the ships, 20, officers have been commissioned to January 31, This number constitutes over 60 percent of the active officers of the United States Merchant Marine with the number rapidly growing.

The Maritime Service exists only because of and for its members. It is hoped that every officer will take upon himself responsibility for the development of that esprit de corps which is the common factor of pride binding all members of any service together.

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Midshipmen generally wear one of four classes of uniform while on Academy grounds. The wearing of civilian clothes, traditionally known as being in "mufti" or "civvies", is a class privilege. For example, fourth classmen must go on liberty in Service Dress Blue or Summer White, while other midshipmen may wear civilian clothes.

First classmen may wear civvies in the barracks after In addition to uniforms, midshipmen wear different insignia to indicate class and major , designators to reflect their enrollment in the Naval Reserve or one of the service specific "military option" programs , and ribbons which represent personal decorations, unit commendations, and service awards.

United States Department of Transportation. US Merchant Marine Academy. Search form GO. Overview Midshipmen generally wear one of four classes of uniform while on Academy grounds. This uniform varies by season. During the warm weather months, midshipmen wear Service Khakis, comprised of a short-sleeve shirt, long pants, black shoes, and a garrison or "fore and aft" cap. Officers wear the traditional "high pressure cover", so-called because of its tight fit around the head.

During cold weather months, the UOD changes to Winter Blue, which includes a heavier black long-sleeve shirt and pants, black shoes, and a black garrison cap or white high-pressure hat. Topcoats include the convoy coat in winter, or the A-Jacket in spring and fall. Service Dress - This is the equivalent of a business suit, and is worn for more important occasions such as special dinners, job interviews, parades, and inspections.

The most recognized service dress uniform is Service Dress Blue, which includes a black suit coat with sleeve stripes signifying rank , black pants, white shirt, and black neck tie.

During warm weather months, there are Service Dress Whites, known as "chokers" due to the high collar on the men's uniform, and Summer Whites, similar to the Service Khaki, but in white. In each of these instances, women may replace the pants with a skirt. Formal or Dinner Dress - Worn during formal occasions such as the June Ball or Christmas Ball, formal dress uniforms are comparable to black tie in the civilian world.

Short coats, black bow ties, and gold cummerbunds for men, and long skirts and frilled shirts for women are hallmarks of these distinctive uniforms. The dinner dress jacket is white in the summer and black in the winter, while the pants or skirt and shoes are always black. Other - These include physical training or PT gear, coveralls, and other uniforms for specialized occasions.

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