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Nov 18, Opinion. Thursday marks Thanksgiving. A truly unique American Holiday. Canada does Thanksgiving on our Columbus Day. For what are you thankful and to whom?

Dick farrel

Dick farrel

Dick farrel

He was one to talk. I can immitate Ted Kennedy. Get in touch. The laptop has the Adobe farrrel. Been using this method for a year now. Canada does Thanksgiving on our Columbus Day.

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  • Born: April 8 , in Boston, MA us.
  • Dick Farrell.
  • He threw and batted right-handed.
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Nov 18, Opinion. Thursday marks Thanksgiving. A truly unique American Holiday. Canada does Thanksgiving on our Columbus Day. For what are you thankful and to whom?

Do you think gorging yourself on turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and stuffing is a symbol of giving thanks? Or maybe you are the one to whom falls the task of preparing the traditional meal for several of your guests. For years I volunteered at a local eatery that served free meals to anyone who wanted one. I thought working for free for a few hours was a good way to show I was thankful for all that I have.

It was a good feeling to be able to help provide to some who were in need. Many came from all walks of life.

Some were generally poor and had little in the way of sustenance. The food was good. I enjoyed sitting down and chowing down after I did my shift. I met many people during these events and I enjoyed them. I even got on TV one year.

I was interviewed by a local reporterette about why I did this and why others did too. One local provider, The Upper Crust, donated hundreds of pumpkin and pecan pies. These pies sold for 10 or 12 dollars each at their location, a few blocks away. I believe a Saint by the same name has a special place for him when he arrives at the pearly gate. The above story is one where we see how one man, his family, his workers, his suppliers, and some of his customers joined together to make a difference.

A difference of only one day in the life of only one person is still a difference. I was glad to help out. It was fun and it was pleasing. To see needy people be fed and given some love is a feeling you cannot beat. I think we all should do something show our thanks to God on Thanksgiving.

In I did something to show the Almighty I was thankful. It is an affluent community surrounded by even more affluent towns and villages.

Many prominent names of sports, entertainment, politics and industry live nestled in the confines of such places as Bedford Village, Katonah, Purdys, Pound Ridge, Chappaqua, and Armonk.

I was my brash, right wing, blustering self patterned after my mentor, Bob Grant, in days long before anyone ever heard of Rush Limbaugh. You see, Northern Westchester is full of liberals, mostly wealthy ones, who most likely feel guilty about being wealthy so they set out to spread their guilt rather than find ways to express true concern for fellow man.

He was one to talk. I had a much better idea. Yonkers is on the border of the Bronx in New York City. There is a huge homeless population there. Come Thanksgiving they have nothing, nowhere to go and no one to give a fig about them. I arranged for people to donate the use of trucks, wagons, and cars to transport the collection. I ran an announcement on the station where listeners can bring donations. It was a team effort. It was a day long effort. Three teams of 4 men each, and some women, with big pick up trucks rolled into the headquarters at the Yonkers Salvation Army about 4pm that day.

The look on the faces of the men there was astonishing. There they were in tattered clothes, mis matched shoes, torn gloves and filthy coats.

So happy were they to see us in shiny new trucks and designer winter coats, some with Izatoner gloves, all of us clean shaven and well fed. There we stood, working hand in hand together to unload the tons of food we brought. They too were Children of God. The look of their smiles was all the payment we needed for the work we did.

We came away that day feeling like we made a difference, that we struck a candle in the midst of darkness. We knew there was no better feeling ,no better way to thank God for what we have than seeing the men at the shelter receive our bounty. Seemed they wanted to give me an award for doing this. I had moved to Florida in January of 88, I think that was the reward God handed me for this gargantuan effort to feed the needy on Thanksgiving.

I replied to the Bronx borough president that I was flattered by the gesture but my most important and significant repayment came from the men at the Salvation Army.

Seeing them happy made it all worth while. And it was. The poor, tired, downtrodden humans at that Salvation Army facility smiling, happy, being fed and their gratitude was all we needed or wanted.

The local community in Upper Westchester also felt some need to honor my work. So, I spoke at the local church on a Sunday and thanked them.

I thanked the local merchants and volunteers whom without, this never could have happened. To know you can give and feel good about it is a virtue.

To see those in need benefit from your donation of time , energy and effort is something I hope each of us will do at one time or another in our lives. With that, I bid you adieu. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, be reminded, every day is Thanksgiving. Each day, be thankful to Our Creator for all He has given us. There, but for the grace of God, go I.

His Amazing Grace at that. Prosper, be free, love the Lord with all your heart and all your might. Oct 28, Top Stories. Nearly two and a half years after a pipeline leak led to an explosion that killed two men in a northern Colorado residential area, the …. Iraqi security forces on Monday fired tear gas at school and university students who defied a warning from the prime minister and joined anti-government protests ….

Oct 28, Featured , Top Stories. The Wayne County Office of the Sheriff reports the arrest of a Seneca Falls man following a reported domestic incident that occurred in the Town …. A group of Newark students and parents rallied outside the Newark Police Department on Saturday, calling for police to address potential misinformation about the investigation …. Facebook Twitter RSS. October 28, Search for:. Submit yourNEWS. Farrel Sunday Sermon Nov 18, Opinion.

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With Union a part of the system, it will make my life easier and my digital record more accurate. Ed also had a special relationship with gardeners. For 19 years I served as its editor. It is reasonable to conclude that Lee ultimately was responsible for the 54, casualties at Gettysburg, Pa. Louis Cardinals.

Dick farrel

Dick farrel

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Farrell last pitched in the major leagues on September 19, for the Phillies against the Expos in a game the Phillies lost 10—6. He would never pitch in the majors again, and would leave the US shortly thereafter for good. Farrell moved to England, where he lived and worked on an offshore oil rig just off Great Britain in the North Sea.

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Dick Farrel Voice over actor Voice My voice grabs you by the throat. Many a broadcast professional has acknowledged my superb ability. I have been a radio personality for 30 years. I began doing music later talk radio and news. I am currenly voicing for a Chicago agency, Radio America Sales.

I do PSA type commercials for them. I have been doing this for 8 years now. These spots go like this I need to do more voice work, they give me all they have so I am looking for more opportunities. I can do alot of different things with my voice. For Example. That deep, sultry, sexy low voice. I do sports announcer very well. I can immitate Ted Kennedy. I can sing like Louie Armstrong.

I can do "game show host". Documentary presentations for video. Narrations are another. View more. Get in touch. Audio samples 1. Skills and services offered. English - USA and Canada. Recording and delivery options Digital delivery. Location None. Eastern European accent. Spanish accent. I sound like these two guys most often Some people have mistaken me for that show on in New York. Congressman Charlie Wrangle I know you spell it Rangel I do Al Sharpton.

Louis Farakahn, Desmond Tutu. Experience, training, and equipment I have done quite a bit. Working in radio for most of my life I had opportunity to do alot of different voices. In the production room I used reverb,graphic equilizer, multi-tracking to accomplish a varied array of different affects.

Also I had a character called Mr. He'd sound like a chipmunk, I had my voice speeded up, I'd leave the tracks with just enough space for me to talk back to them. It was hysterical. I did alot of those "flying saucers" Where I'd say something and the answer came from a pop music song.

I used alot of sound effects. Newsman: there you have it, the news on a Mon afternoon. Farrel : Oh,nothing special,my wife got her hand cought in the car door. And we had to go to emergency sfx of ambulance Then her mother came over after we got home sfx of man being beaten with a baseball bat so we had to go back to the hospital..

SFX of amublance I served in the New York Police Dept for 2 years. I have worked in radio stations since I was 16, I am now I actually was teaching in broadcast school for CSB here in Florida. I have done radio sales.

I have a mixer, a mic and a laptop. The laptop has the Adobe 1. Sounds pretty good I am told. Been using this method for a year now.. I understand about mixing and multi-tracking. I do not have the ability yet to ad music or sound effects to the voice work I do. I know how to do it, I just don't have the tools yet. Since I have been in broadcasting since I have seen all the changes and all the new electronics that have come. I went from vynal records to music on a hard drive.

I have used a razor blade and tape to edit with to Adobe 3. I have served in NYPD. Crime fighting, law, social services,I have seen real life up close. I have worked under cover security, but for the most part I have been a broadcaster.

All types of broadcaster. Payment methods accepted.

Dick farrel

Dick farrel