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Emanuel Ungaro has chosen to dedicate his first fragrance, Diva to the women, his eternal source of inspiration. Its mythic fragrance and its elegant packaging are symbolic of a woman who loves to seduce and to break the rules with class and elegance. The mythical status of DIVA is linked to its elegant and iconic flacon. DIVA is sophisticated and feminine perfume. An unforgettable fragrance with a distinctively sensual powdery note.

Diva perfume review

Menu Fragrance Direct. Filed under FlowersSpice. Truth be told — no idea. Knowing my love for Diva I am in danger of wearing it lavishly and without restraint, so if I am not careful I will go through prrfume bottle in no time. Not available now! This rfview is literally a hole in the wall and as I walked in Diva perfume review was taken aback by all of the discontinued perfumes staring right at me.

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I've tended to point to what I find 'off' in Diva. Because I Yes, for some of us the '80s are back. Escada Tropical Punch Perfume. Top notes: Coconut, Plum, Apricot. It smells so good. Hey there Sandra, Excellent story perfumd that picture, you look like a couple of movie stars. January Diva perfume review, at pm. Diva I'll make a point of trying when I'm next at Sephora. Delicious fragrance. That is a wonderful gift that your host family gave you. My daughter owns the original so I had a good comparison.

A bargain warm rose patchouli chypre with a honeyed vanilla amber sandalwood dry down that becomes cuddly on the skin if you dab sparingly.

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La Diva by Emanuel Ungaro is a fruity-flowery gourmand fragrance that represents optimism and joy. The Eau de Parfum is just right for independent, self-assured ladies, who rather impress with their attitude and personality than with their looks.

The perfume enchants in the head note with a scent of fruity sweet berries. In the heart note unfolds floral notes, which are replaced in the basic note by warm aromas like honey, vanilla and patchouli, which give the perfume the gourmand note. Head note : pear, raspberry, orange, pink pepper Heart note : jasmine, gardenia, quince Base note : vanilla, honey, patchouli.

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Now, my mother tends to have a heavy hand when it comes to putting on perfume. Elegant goth! Tickled pink that you also like Diva! After she told me what it was, I bought a bottle of it and began wearing it to work. I think you should definitely give Mon Parfum a try now.

Diva perfume review

Diva perfume review

Diva perfume review

Diva perfume review. Perfume Classification by the Community

Well worth the money and I shall certainly be purchasing again. Lots of people asking me what I am wearing.

Lovely light and truly super similar to Chanel. Just bought one for my mum who loves it too. Thanks Divain. I like this fragrance it smells identical to the original fragrance. Thank you as well for the free 2 fragrance samples as well. Probably the most common clubbing scent.

Everyone knows it. Its safe. However Divains version pulls alternative on me and noone has been able to pin point correctly what i'm wearing. Maybe its my skin chemistry but i'm impressed and pleased as i like this better than the original.

Silage and longevity are incredible and it smells freakishly similar to the original by Jo Malone. Compliments galore ;. Absolutely in love with this fragrance. It is so good that you constantly want to smell it. My new favourite, thank you Divain Team xx. I have had so many compliments since I started wearing this perfume!

It smell exactly like the real thing! Highly recommend it! As good, if not better than the original at a fraction of the price. Will definitely be repurchasing this particular Divain fragrance. My 4th replica perfume buy from Divain and possibly the best so far! Just like the Bvlgari original. Zesty, salty citrus. Fantastic for hot summer. Last a good few hours too which is unusual for a summer citrus scent.

Love it. Love this one from divain smells like the original - Just not as strong. Had nice comments from work mates and have put them on to divain - so their happy! I absolutely love this perfume smells exactly like the originally.

I will be buying more of this perfume. Thank you. I know where to go for my perfume. I won't be spending money on originals. Search brand or perfume. View all products. Let customers speak for us from reviews. Absolutely outstanding fragrance. Great smell. Long lasting. Arrived quickly and has a good long lasting smell.

Julie Stewart. Boss Orange. Just like the real thing! Smells great and lasts just as long, if not longer, than the original. Gary Curtis. Best surprise! Patrick Vanbeggelaer. Smells divine. Almost addictive. Emilia Popadyniec. Nat Cleeter. Craig Hodges. Great fragrance. No allergic reaction and cruelty free.

Win win win. Paula-Marie Stanbridge. Best Smells Available. David Dixon. Really great product! It last long as the original. Eliette Weizenbach. Spice Bomb. James Coates. Thank You! Good Product, very near to original.

Fast shipping. The reviewer certified that no compensation was received from the reviewed item producer, trademark owner or any other institution, related with the item reviewed. The site is not responsible for the mistakes made. Diva Perfume 5. Feel free to rate it! Want to sell. Don't Be Nice. Be Helpful. Do you know? Have a rest Consumer game Request review Is your opinion valuable? I got this lovely elixir from a friend of mine in Italy, and when I first applied it, the aroma was enticing, exciting, and sensual.

It is definitely the party-goer Now, to be honest, I've never tried the original perfume this is based on, called The One. Reportedly, that scent was considered very strong. This new product is supposed to be a I have more than perfumes in my collection already. I am still collecting more perfumes nowadays. But I still use some of my old perfume stocks.

One of the perfume that I often wear is I didn't buy it by myself. I had it when my sister and brother in law gave me DKNY perfume as gift in my sweet 17th birthday. Do you know why I had a perfume when I was 17th? Because I If you see the bottle of the perfume, you will probably not interested to buy. Because this Morgan De In my opinion, this perfume has a very girly fragrance. One perfume was enough, as long as I had Axe perfume Every one knows that the Axe perfume is so popular and famous.

I have seen the adds of Axe perfumes in the televisions. I bought it for my boy friend to gift it to him on his birthday.

The perfume costs a bit more but worthy. Axe perfume For all the men the Axe perfume is the favourite brand of perfume. I have a boy friend that is working as a software engineer. Normally my boyfriend is a very stylish man and he is very choosy about the products of the things that he uses.

Spring Flower by Creed perfume I was looking for a special perfume that can give me feminine smell when I wear it. I went to the store and looked for the right perfume that I want. After testing and trying some perfume tester, I found a traditional smell of fragrance in that perfume store. Although he did not ask for it, I just wanted to buy a perfume for him. My daughter already got few girl's perfume.

And so far, my son did not get any perfume yet. That's why I was so happy when I did and it's not bad at all. I bought it few months ago. I was walking inside the perfume store when I saw some perfume products were offered for cheaper price than it used to be.

Ungaro Diva and Paloma Picasso Mon Parfum ~ two s rose chypres :: Now Smell This

One of my fondest scent memories is of my mother. We were on a family summer vacation in the south of France for 4 weeks. One of the cities we visited was Aix-en-Provence. I was a young teenager and was just becoming interested in the luxuries in life. Imagine my surprise when my mother asked if I wanted to go into a Parfumerie with her in Aix-en-Provence.

For the life of me I cannot recall where my father was — but I do believe that he would have sat in a cafe waiting for his women to finish their shopping. My sister was with us and as far as I remember she had no interest in perfume.

I thought I was only along to help my mother pick out a perfume. She chose Eau de Campagne by Sisley and then asked the sales assistent to show me something as well. Out of a hand full of perfumes that she showed me, I fell in love with the bottle of Diva by Ungaro. The sales assistent noted that Diva was probably not a perfume for someone of my age, but I was adamant that that was my perfume.

My mother proudly presented me with my first bottle of grown up perfume! I wore Diva for over fifteen years. It was as close as I ever got to having a signature scent. I lost count of the number of bottles of Diva that I bought in those years.

And then, something changed. It had lost a certain rich quality. It was a bit more bracing in the top notes and the drydown was not as lavish. So I lamented its loss and started my journey to find another great perfume love. They say that you do not forget your first love. Not even in perfume I would add. I have many perfumes loves at the moment, but I have been searching for a glimpse of the first.

Fast forward to January I was walking down a major shopping street here in Vienna and searched out a perfume store recommended to me by Birgit. This store is literally a hole in the wall and as I walked in I was taken aback by all of the discontinued perfumes staring right at me.

And then I remembered that I have been longing to find my lost love Diva and asked if they had some. They did. I was obviously not permitted to smell the perfume but I took a chance and bought it. I was so desperate to recreate the memories of that day in Aix-en-Provence. As I sprayed the perfume I was immediately transported back to the tree lined street next to that Parfumerie and to the days afterwards walking around Avignon, Orange and St.

It is perfectly intact. Diva is a rose chypre and in my opinion simply stunning. It opens grand and opulent, to my nose this perfume is centered on a full bodied red rose. It dries down with only a touch of honey to give it a more rounded quality. There is a bit of sandalwood at the end as well. All in all this perfume is all about the rose.

The best part is when I spray, I spray on my clothes as well and love the aura that surrounds me all day long. Sandra and her sister on that fateful trip to France. Knowing my love for Diva I am in danger of wearing it lavishly and without restraint, so if I am not careful I will go through my bottle in no time. Since it is irreplaceable it will have to be a cherished perfume that I only break out on special occasions.

What a beautiful story! Enjoy it now, while it still smells the way you remember. I have never tried Climat. I hope you can find some. It was as if I was reunited with a dear old friend. I loved reading this, Sandra. Lovely story. Great photo too. Thanks Tara. I love being transported through perfume to different memories. Wear it and enjoy it if you love it that much. Enjoy your Diva. So true Poodle! I will be spritzing lavishly when Spring comes around.

I hope you can enjoy your favorites too. Your beautiful story reminds me, that my mother used to wear Diva and I used steal a spritz once in a while! Cheers Safran. It is not discontinued but something has changed in the formula. At least I believe there has been a change. What a wonderful story, Sandra! I love how your mother made such a lovely experience of you getting your first perfume. Hi Sandra! I too, love your story! I just ordered a mini bottle from FragranceNet.

What a lovely memory, and lovely mother! When I want a more powerful presence, Diva is one of the perfumes I reach for.

Thanks for sharing your lovely story, Sandra, I enjoyed reading it very much. I have a decant of Diva received early on in my perfume journey from a delightful online friend and I love it — definitely a precursor to perfumes like Paestum Rose and others. Tickled pink that you also like Diva! You are right in saying that Diva does well in all situations. You smell divine today. I too loved this fragrance! Do you have advice for how to know which bottle is vintage or less changed??

Another fan of Diva! Truth be told — no idea. What I find on the shelves in Vienna is all new formulation and mainly EdT. I had to go to a shop which is known to carry vintage perfumes. Such a good read, Sandra, thanks for sharing! My first perfume love was Balahe Leonard. I bought it when I was 10! Than my taste changed completely and Balahe has been discontinued anyway.

But reading your memories, I would love to smell it again. Since prices for vintage bottles are extremely high on ebay I wonder why? Or worse, what if I think how could I ever love this one? I remember Balahe!

Gosh, I would say that if you can smell it again do so. All sorts of lovely memories will come back. Hopefully you can find a vintage mini and then you could have it again. Diva is one of my old favorites as well and has been in my regular rotation for many years.

I recently replaced my old bottle after going without for a year or two and to me the current version still smells wonderful, although I found a big difference between the EDT and the EDP I vastly prefer the EDP. Granted it may not smell as good to me if I were to do a side-by-side comparison with the vintage. Or maybe the online discounter I purchased from was carrying old stock? My new bottle still has a real glass top, very unusual these days, so maybe its not a recent reformulation after all.

Anyway, whatever version I now have it is recognizable as Diva and I am enjoying being reunited with an old friend — I especially love the rich honey note. Oh I could not agree with you more. The EdP is far superior to the EdT. I am so pleased that you too have been reunited with an old friend.

Hey there Sandra, Excellent story and that picture, you look like a couple of movie stars. Thanks for being such excellent company in Vienna we have a ball the last few days.

Diva perfume review